Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Gardening and solar dehydrator

Alex the lawyer "I'm not a lawyer" spent a few weeks here with Simone from Germany earlier this year.  We did lots of exotic vegan cooking and debated debated and debated ...

Alex fell in love with kitten

White cat watched from afar

Helping to create supports for the beans

Harvesting something

Hello kitten

Being a keen vegan cook, Alex helped create
some exotic dishes


Creating or first solar dehydrator
A trip to collect woodchip and an opportunity for
Woodchip run - It's free and it's just round the corner from us
Simone in the greenhouse
Creative communal cooking
Simone making a chocolate dessert
Simone did lots of seed sowing



Rouxbe vegan cooking course

 I spent the earlier part of this year doing an online professional plant based (vegan) cooking course with the Rouxbe school.  I honed my vegan cooking skills and learned a lot about health and food.  Some highlights:

Spiralised veg.  Purdy

Chocolate torte with a redcurrant coulis (berries
from the garden) and nusturtium flowers also
from the garden.  Yum!!
Fun with agar agar

Brownies made with kidney beans

Cucumber rounds with cashew nut cream 'cheese'

Gaspacho shooters

Lots of organised 'mise en place'

Raw lasagne (nasturtium pesto, fermented cashew
cream cheese, marinaded mushrrooms and raw
marinara sauce ... a work of art!!

Nasturtium pesto ingredients

Chickpea something or other

Thai soup