Sunday, 20 July 2014

chantier participatif

It's interesting that I can't think what the English equivalent of this phrase would be - literally translated 'friend's work day' or 'participatory workshop'.  Anyway my lovely friends Noel, Lisa and her son Toby came to help out for a day.  Some images:

Above:  Lisa and Noel take it in turns to mix the straw and slip mixture with a fork while Toby mans the concrete mixer.

Above:  Toby mastered the drill quickly and set to screwing the horizontal pieces of wood to the uprights to hold the straw and slip mixture in place.  Toby found it all very interesting and announced that he was inspired to build a cabin with mud and straw.

 Above leftToby the concrete mixer manager
Above right:  Toby enjoying the feeling of mud on his face

Above:  Noel with mud warpaint and bringing straw and slip upstairs
Above:  Relaxing in the shade after a filling lunch.

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