Sunday, 24 August 2014

Help ex - John Golle

John arrived this week and in a few short days has already transformed the kitchen and working practices for the ecoconstruction.  His 'thing' is efficiency in the workplace.
John transforms working practices for straw and slip production:
Instead of using a pronged fork to mix and transfer the straw
clay mixture, John filled the container with slip and used his hands
 to push larger amounts of straw under the surface.  Working on his
 knees is easier on the back and placing the bales of straw on a tressle table
 means less bending down.

John produced a huge amount of straw and slip
mixture for the house insulation by creating a more efficient
way of working.  Being a ceramicist/potter he is not a stranger
 to immersing himself (literally) in the clay

Super strong John

The two Johns - one lives off grid nearby,
 the other a student of permaculture.  They are already
 full of ideas and plans/projects for La Mariais


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