Saturday, 27 September 2014

Seasonal cooking with wild and cultivated plants

We try as much as possible to cook and eat with cultivated and wild produce from the land.  Some images from this year:
Heritage variety 'rainbow carrots ' grown with
 seed bought from Biaugerme.  As they are not
F1 hybrids, the seed can be collected to grow the
next season's crop
Monster pumpkins
Pumpkin soup made from pumpkins grown in a
hugulbed - with fresh parsley as a garnish

Help ex Charlie enjoys the pumkin

Help ex Gunita from Latvia made
many delicious tarts and cakes
using the wild plums from the land

A plum tart made with wild plums

We make fresh salads with herbs, flowers, leaves and
raw vegetables from the land
Help ex Indi makes jams and chutneys from apples
Gunita, help ex from Latvia picks fresh organic salad
leaves, herbs and flowers
Help ex Gita from Latvia - la cueillette

Gita prepares supper with produce
from the garden


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