Wednesday, 22 October 2014

The torchis chimney (cheminee en torchis)

I was told over and over by a series of artisans that the wooden/earth chimney in the house would have to go as it was not 'au normes' - dangerous .... so after chipping off the earth around the wooden framework, we set to dismanting the wooden structure after which a wood burning stove with an insulated flue pipe was fitted by an artisan as part of the grant I received for the house.
Some images of the process:
The wooden framework of the
upper part of the chimney once
the earth had been chipped off
Fabrice helps to carefully take
down the wooden chimney
Xavier and John adding planks to the hole in the floor
I cleaned the stones up as best I could with wire
brushes and a range of different products after
which I rendered over the top with NHL
3,5 lime and 0:2 sand and brushed this off
several days later to give the 'pierre vue' effect
(seen below)

Charlie and kevin heroically move the hearth  stones
forward to accommodate the wood stove
Kevin sands the beam above the fireplace
The woodburning stove arrives

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