Thursday, 19 November 2015

Wwoofers Jean Michel and Arnaud from Quebec

Jean Michel and Arnaud, two forest fire fighters from Quebec stayed here for a week.  They are on an extensive tour of Europe - with a limited budget they are doing a lot of hitchiking, couchsurfing and wwoofing.  They were keen to learn about living off the land, permaculture and self-sufficiency and brought great skills and enthusiasm to the project.

Some images from their stay:

Creating a nettle barrier so that
the round garden is not invaded.

Experts at using a chainsaw ....
cutting logs for the winter.

A spot of chainsaw maintenance.
Arnaud cut some trees on the land ....

... and split the logs which we then
stacked for use next winter ...

Jean Michel helped me to apply
a lime render to the wall in the
kitchen ....

Mixing the lime render .....

It's a messy job!!
Raking up leaves in the garden ...

We put a layer of the leaves over
three layers of cardboard and
manure and here Jean Michel
puts down a layer of hay from
the barn .... a new sheet mulch
area ready for planting in the
Spring ........

Jean Michel cracking walnuts
harvested from the land ...

Arnaud made a fabulous cheese
and walnut tart .....

Jean Michel researched a recipe to use the excessive
amounts of apples harvested ..... apple doughnuts.

Nasturtium leaves and flowers
picked from the garden to be
transformed into pesto.

At Leisure

Bon Voyage!! Thanks for all the help.

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