Tuesday, 22 March 2016

wwoofer - Adam Grace


Adam, an English sound engineer and musician stayed for a week in March.  He recently gave up his job and luxury flat in the UK to explore new horizons ... to work with his hands ... to learn about self sufficient living. He is currently on a motorbike tour of Europe and this was his first wwoofing stop.   Some images from his stay ...

The Pallet Greenhouse

He started the week working with wwoofer Luc on the greenhouse - a structure made from pallets and recuperated plastic ....


Working in the Garden

Digging a trench for a hugulbed ..

Filling the trench with rotting logs found on the
land ......... the wood will act as a sponge retaining
water ... so less or no watering to do ... and as they break
down they will provide nutrients for the plants ..

Smashing up the logs ....

Adding leaves, hay, twigs ....

Collecting branches from recently
felled laurel trees to put in the bed ..

Creating a crumb structure with the earth
that was put on the top ... ready for seed sowing ..

Placing logs from trees felled on the land
 to define the garden beds .......
At Leisure

Thanks for the great mexican supper!!

... and the music

Preparing the bike before leaving .... bon continuation
and thanks for everything ....


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