Monday, 4 April 2016

Woofer - Saad

Saad stayed for a week this month (March).  He is spending some time woofing as a means to research ways of living ecologically in the countryside.  Originally from Morocco, he studied industrial engineering in France and has worked for several years in the field of industrial innovation. 

Finishing off The Pallet Greenhouse ...

He started his week working on the pallet greenhouse.  He brought good topsoil in from the land and made a raised bed down the centre.  We then found some old planks and used them as edging.

Finishing off the doors ....

He dug an area in front of the doors and put down
 some volcanic rock - good drainage.

The Joys of Humanure!!
After three years of composting, the
first batch of humanure is ready to
put around the fruit trees.

The cherry tree in the forest garden gets a load
of composted humanure.

Creating a planting area for potatoes
It's almost time to plant the potatoes.  Saad worked
hard to weed an area around the round garden ready
for planting .......

Indoor work on a rainy day - crumbling herbs into pots

He started with the oregano which
has bee drying since October last year ...
a plate of crumbled leaves, and another
of crumbled flowers.  The flowers
actually have more taste ... for the leaves
it is better to harvest them before
the plant has flowered ..

Creating pots of dried thyme and sage leaves ... better
to leave them whole and crumble them into food.

A plate of dried oregano flowers.

Helping build the kitchen
I am using mostly wood found
on the land/in the barns to create
kitchen furniture ... there is a
lot of quality hardwoods - chestnut
and oak and old hardwood doors
that make great kitchen surfaces.

Curious about the works of Pierre Rhabbi

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