Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Wwoofer Cecile

Cecile stayed for 5 weeks in April and May this year.  She has a degree in biology and environmental science and recently decided to leave a Masters course in environmental studies to discover the practical world of autonomy and permaculture through volunteering on  projects.  This was her first wwoofing experience and she threw herself wholeheartedly into permaculture gardening, furniture making with pallets and recuperated wood.  She also spent many hours creating wonderful dishes in the kitchen.

In the Garden and on the land

Creating a raised bed with a keyhole

Surveying the paths that she dug out and then
put three layers of cardboard onto ...

Hum .... a good job ....

Adding woodchip on top  of the
cardboard paths ...
Playing with GreyCat
Helping me to pot up seeds

Not quite sure what she's doing here ... certainly
not watching my digging demonstration!!

Earthing up potatoes that she planted a month
earlier ...

Working with wwoofer Julie in the
potatoe patch.

Clearing branches to make brushcutting the nettles
easier .... the nettles will be used as mulch in the

Transplanting mint into the forest garden.

Weeding .... putting the edible weeds
into a container to use for cooking.

Chopping wood.

Shovelling horse manure from the trailer into the compost bay.

Shovelling horse manure onto sheets of cardboard -
first layer of a new sheet mulch.

Putting sawdust into bags for the dry toilet.

Cecile the furniture maker

She learned how to use a number of woodwork tools, dismantled pallet wood and used old wood from the barns - and made a fabulous piece of furniture for the kitchen.

Creating in the kitchen

Thank you for all the wonderful cooking.

Service with a smile

Thanks for all your help, enthusiasm and good humour and good luck with your wwoofing adventures and service civique ... à la prochaine ...

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