Thursday, 20 October 2016

The Terrace, earth floor and garden - and white cat the model

 .... September and October have been busy and productive months ....

White Cat the Artist's Model

The Terrace/Patio Project
Vera, workaway volunteer from Switzerland transporting
0/30 gravel for the foundation ...

Vera and Workaway Volunteer Florencia from Argentina
putting down sand on top of a permeable membrane ..

Vera, Florencia and architect graduate Jill placing
the first stones.

We got tired and decided to let a digger finish
preparing the rest of the patio.
Meanwhile - in the house
Elodie and Vera adding earth to the lower walls...

The Earth Floor gets a coat of boiled linseed oil

Heating the linseed oil before applying
it to the earth floor ...

Elodie preparing to paint the floor
with linseed oil ...

In the garden and kitchen

Florencia sewing a clover path in
the round garden ...

Team effort - preparing to cook with the first heritage
pumpkin of the season ...

Florencia harvesting the melons in
the greenhouse ....

Ever the diligent student - Jill starts a pressed plant
portfolio - starting with some wild edible plants
from the garden .....

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