Saturday, 18 March 2017

Successful crowdfunding campaign Part I - thank you

Thank you to everyone who kindly contributed to the crowdfunding campaign to raise money for trees and tools for the project here:
  • My Dad and his wife Jill
  • My aunt Christine in Canada
  • Laura
  • Gwendal
  • Marie Francoise Nachez
  • Yvonne and Shane
  • Kevin
  • Paul
  • Helen and JO
  • Pottery Sue
  • Rosie's aunt, Anne Duffy

We will soon be putting name tags for everyone around the fruit trees that we have put in so far ... there are more to come but we may have to wait until November now for the rest as the weather is changing.  We have bought the scythe and grelinette (broad fork) which will come in very handy for loosening up compacted soil and cutting nettles and ferns for mulch.  Some images so far ....

Workaway volunteer Alex clearing
the ground for tree planting.

Kevin and neighbour Bruno planting
some of the fruit trees.

Alex and Woofer Amandine firming the soil around
a newly planted fruit tree.

We cleared and sheet mulched a south facing stretch
of land and then planted some of the fruit trees there.
My first swing of the scythe ...

.... and again ....

Help ex volunteer Christopher creating
a keyhole path from the stone terrace
in front of the house.  Some of my Dad's
contribution will go towards edible
plants to go around the terrace once
it is done.

Thank you again everyone



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  1. I remember planting our cherry tree when it was that size :)
    So glad that the crowd funding was a success for you Liza - your fruit tree orchard is already looking good!