Sunday, 21 May 2017

Janvier Fevrier Mars 2017

We welcomed Alex the architect in January, Amandine the vegan animal rights activist in February and March and Christopher the esoteric builder in late March ... some images:

Alex is an architecture graduate with a fascination
with tiny houses.  He spent some time designing
a tiny house on his computer with the idea of using
the materials here on the land - old beams, terracota
roof tiles .... we visited off-grid John to get some
ideas for how to link rainwater and solar elements
to the main house design ....

He also helped to do some earth rendering in the house ...
Amandine did some too ...
Amandine and Christopher took up where
Alex left of with lining the
roofspace with pine wood ...
Totally in sync ...
... and again ...
They did some earth rendering ...
Christopher putting landscape
membrane down before laying
stones for a keyhole from the
terrace ...

... laying the stones
for the terrace keyhole ..
The dynamic duo on the terrace ...


Amandine became interested in
learning about perennial
vegetables ...
The many facets of Christopher ;..
ever the builder with his pencil
behind his ear and paint stained
work trousers ....  the beard
and bandana reflect his esoteric
interests ... but always a foot
in the modern world with instant
access to the internet with his hi tech 
phone ....

Chris fixed some of the holes in the greenhouse ..
... and put in some shelving ...
A man not afraid to wear marigolds ...
and with many talents including being
a competent cook ... here creating
with leaves from the garden ...

Amandine and I went to collect
some wild edible plants from
the surrounding area to put
in the garden ....
Amandine and Chris preparing
to go exploring for the weekend ...
Their last day ... new horizons to

Thanks everyone for all your help ... for the food, the laughter, the debates ... the music ... à la prochaine ... bon voyage!!

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