Wednesday, 5 July 2017

A busy June

We've achieved a lot this month and have had quite a few visitors:

In the garden:

Creating raised beds

Maxence is studying sustainable business in Sweden
and stayed with us a few weeks to learn about
permaculture.  Here scything the long grass in
front of the house.
Ambre, a student of environmental law helping to
clear the space ...
Nick, a student of political science from the US and
Fabio, a permaculture enthusiast created six raised
beds using logs from the land in the cleared space.

Nick made wooden pegs to hold the logs in place.

Daisy in the garden
Hello Daisy!! What a perfect name
for a horticulture student!!

Daisy potted on some Agastache
foeniculum ....

 Other stuff going on in the garden ...

Tejal, a UK philosophy student works with Amber
to construct an artistic trellis using materials
from the land.
Nick scythed some nettles to mulch the garden beds.

We went on a girls trip to get
manure for the garden.  Thinking
about trying to generate onsite
fertility instead with green
manures ... to research.

Fabio decided to make a worm
composter with the little red worms
we found in the manure ...

Some purdy flowers and plants from the garden

We've got lots of borage flowers to use in salads.

We harvested some chamomile flowers for tea.

There is more and more comfrey in the garden  -
a great mineral accumulator.  It can be cut
three times a year and the leaves used as a mulch
on the garden beds ...

Digging out the pond

After much research we worked out the shape and
dimensions of the pond and starting digging.

Levelling the edges

Sieving sand and lime rendering in the house

Ambre and Julia from the US sieving the local
sand to be mixed with calcic lime for lime
rendering in the house.
Phil and Fabio mixing the lime and sand.
Phil showed Amber how to render ....
She got the hang of it pretty quickly ...
justa lika icing a cake!! (Am)ber
is an Italian chef)

Fabio had a go too ....

Creating in the kitchen

Ambre and Maxence making flatbreads

Daisy preparing cabbage ...
Justa lika my muma useda make ... Amber
professional chef creating with fresh garden
produce ....
She loved the flowery salads ..
The group creation of a vegan chocolate cake ..
... and many fun delicious meals ...

Cheers everyone ... thank you for all your help and for the fun and creativity.


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