Sunday, 19 September 2021

Loulou de Toulouse

 At least I think it was Toulouse - anyway, certainly the South and somewhere hot.  Loulou arrived on her bike and gave me a bouquet of dried wild flowers that she had collected on her way.  A charming start to a productive stay.

Lou helped me to patch our tyre wall up - it had lost some of its lime render and mosaics due to a bad mix for the top resulting in water infiltration.  I had already re-done the top with stones from the land and NHL 3 lime and sand - nice and waterproof.  Lou added a feminist logo ....

... and helped to weed around our extremely productive thornless brambles.

She also did some fabulous vegan cooking  AND we went to visit the kerterres in Brittany (see next post)  on a wildcamping weekend.

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