Friday, 12 December 2014

Help ex - Jenna and Cedric

Jenna and Cedric, two young Canadians stayed for a week here in November.  They have taken a year out to travel around Europe and to visit ecological projects.  It was a pleasure to have them here and they brought a wealth of fantastic skills and knowledge.

In the Garden

Cedric digs a trench in preparation for
making a hugul bed
Cedric dug out a circular path ...
Layed down a landscape fabric ...
... and layed old broken slate tiles from the roof
of the house on top
Jenna raked up leaves to put  into
the hugulbed
Cedric collected rotting wood from the land
to put into the hugul trench
Jenna weeds the vegetable beds
before covering them in a light
blocking mulch of leaves
and straw
In the Kitchen

Both Jenna and Cedric are accomplished cooks.  They produced many declicious vegetarian meals using produce from the garden.

The dynamic duo creating in the kitchen
One of their fabulous meals
Jenna - always with a happy smile
Preparing to enjoy another tasty meal
Jenna made a delicious Borscht (beetroot soup) with
beetroots from the garden
Chopping firewood and lighting the woodstove
You can't stop a Canadian being a Canadian!  Home
from home - Cedric grew up on a farm and is
an expert in woodchopping.
Cedric demonstrates how to cut notches
in wood to make firelighters
Repairing Tools
Cedric fixed several broken tool handles
Relaxing in the evening

Jenna explained some of the aps she has on her iphone - 
for example 'ciri' who answers any questions asked verbally!! ...
 while Cedric learns a new song
Bon Voyage

Jenna and Cedric set off for Bordeaux

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