Friday, 3 July 2015

Regina - woofer

Regina arrived from the United States a couple of weeks ago.  She is very tall ...

which came in handy for
picking elderflowers high up
on the trees ....

... and being an Ivy League student in the States, she is
no stranger to academic study ... so far she has chosen
to read books on garden design and the harmful
effects of sugar

Yee ha!!  Regina poses by the
concrete mixer as we forgot
to take a shot for the blog while
she was actually working ... that's why
she's not wearing security boots and
protective glasses (in case there are
any inspectors reading this ...).  Regina 
is a collegiate rower and is therefore
very strong and has been able to take
charge of mixing materials for the
earth floor in the concrete mixer ...

 and wheelbarrowing in the mixes ...
Regina checks the levels on the
base layer of the earth floor ...
Woodwork and Painting

Working on the bookshelf constructed
with recuperated chestnut wood
from the original house ....


Mistress of the drill ...

Sanding planks for the bookshelf ...

Chiselling the shelves


We prepare to mix the natural
yoghurt paint ingredients for the bookshelf

Fitting the shelves

Regina is highly organised and
enjoyed sorting the books into

Oh my God, Regina I knew you were organised but
 - I noticed just this morning how you have put
 the books not only in subject order but also height order!!
Vraiment efficace!! Bravo!!


In the Garden

Posing by the willow tipi that
we constructed with wood
from the land ... delicious
 homemade and homegrown
strawberry tart in hand


 Tart making with some homegrown strawberries
and elderflowers

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