Friday, 3 July 2015

Visitors from Bath

Yvonne, Shane and Kevin arrived from Bath and have been putting their artistic skills into practice ...

Yvonne attacked the 'dressing up box'
(volunteer clothes) and adorned herself
in preparation for willow tipi making ...
After cutting willow and hazel
branches on the land, Yvonne
constructs a tipi for the climbing
beans ...

.. and Shane joins in

... and is joined by kevin
'Grey Cat' is an essential member of the
project - she creates psychological
wellbeing with her presence .... Kevin
dressed in grey for this shot 'Grey cat
and Grey man' .... a small miracle in
fact that Kevin can cuddle a cat at all
given his severe cat allergies ... now
kept at bay with an inhaler.
Yvonne paints a salvaged
wooden bobbin wheel with
natural paints made with yoghurt
savon noir, lime ....
While the twins relax in the shade ...

More special twin moments ....
Shane offers moral support from
a distance to Kevn as he unloads
the trailer with sand for the earth
floor in the house ......
The boys in blue at Saint Hilaire market
Great hair!!

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