Thursday, 11 June 2015

woofer - Florianne

Florianne arrived a few weeks ago and has turned her hand to ecoconstruction, wildfood cooking, gardening and environmental art ...


Florianne making earth and hay
sausages for a torchis wall

She quickly got the hang of the
concrete mixer ... a mix of
earth and water to make a slip
to mix with straw for a straw/slip
insulating wall.

Putting the straw/slip mixture
behind boarding to make the
insulating wall

Strange things happen when you
give a girl a drill ....

Filtering soaked earth to be mixed
with sand to make a finishing
render in the house ...

Wetting the corps d'enduit before
applying the finishng render

Flori helping me to apply the finishing earth
render ...

In the Kitchen

Florianne is an accomplished and
creative cook ... she is also the
queen of tarts ... oh yes and she
loves Pierre Rhabbi whose book
'La Sobrieté Heureuse' she is
cradling in her arms ....

In the Garden

Putting mulch material around
the potatoes (cut nettles and grass
Taking tape and staples off cardboard
that we collected from a local
furniture store ... to be used to cover
land to make sheet mulch

Flori the envirnomental artist ... found objects
turned into a dream catcher
An installation of found materials
constructed outside her caravan


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