Thursday, 11 June 2015

Elderflower season (la saison de fleurs de sureau)

Wow - what amazing flowers!! - a truly intoxicating aroma and so many delicious recipes .... we've been having lots of fun making jellies, tarts, drinks ....

There are loads of elder trees and shrubs here at La Mariais

Elderflower Fritters

Make a pancake batter with fizzy water, flour
and eggs - dip the flowers in this ...

deep fry in oil ....
Place on kitchen paper and enjoy!!


Elderflower Tarts

Pate brisée (shortcrust pastry) on which are placed
elderflowers mixed with cream and sugar and then oven
baked - delicious!!

A variation of the above - we added slices of
apple and strawberries from the garden ...

Woofer Florianne takes tart making very

Pièce de resistance - one of Florianne's best ....

Anna Rose and Liam appreciating the sugary
elderflower tarts

Anna Rose and the tarts ...

Gelée de Sureau (elderflower jelly)
Really easy to make with a horrendous amount
of sugar and agar agar to thicken it ....

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