Monday, 18 May 2015

Some nettle recipes (recettes d'ortie)

The tips of nettle plants can be used  until late May (when they start to flower) to make a wide variety of dishes. 

Nettle soup

The tips of the young nettle plants are used ....




Nettle soup with a sprig of parsley

4 potatoes
2 onions
chilli powder (optional)
Two large handfuls of washed nettle tips
Desert spoon of tahini
Splash of soya sauce

Wash the nettles and chop roughly.  Fry the onion in some oil with the spices and garlic, add the diced potatoes, nettles and boiling water.  Cook until potatoes are tender.  Add a desert spoon of tahini and a splash of soya sauce and blend to make a smooth soup.

Vegan nettle tart

Make shortcrust pastry (250g flour, 10cl olive oil, 10cl of water and two pinches of salt)

For the filling:  Soja cream, cooked carrots and potatoes and chopped nettles.  Liquidise and spread onto pastry.  Cook in the oven 30 minutes.

Nettle Tartare

Tartare d’ortie / Nettle Tartar

 Pour environ 30 pousses d’orties/ about 30 nettle shoots

Deux échalotes / Shallots (two or more)

Quelques cornichons / gherkins

Un peu de tomates, à votre convenance / Tomatoes to taste

Un peu d’huile d’olive, un peu de vinaigre/  A little bit of vinegar and olive oïl

Cumin/ Cumin

Ail/ Garlic

Nettoyer les pousses d’orties, les hacher menu, avant de les mettre au mixeur.

Ajouter les autres ingrédients ; mixer.

Laisser au réfrigérateur ; servir froid, accompagné de toasts. Régalez-vous 
(written by Aurelia)

Lentil Stew with Nettles, cleavers and oseille

Cook onions, garlic and spices in oil, then add lentils and boiling water with the chopped nettles, cleavers and oseille. 

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