Monday, 18 May 2015

wwoof - Ui Mais

Ui est arrivée le 27 mai avec ses muscles, son passion pour le veganisme et sa très grand motivation à tous apprendre.

Ui arrived on the 27th of May with his muscles, passion for vegan food and his motivation to learn about everything.

In the Kitchen

Why not start with 'Ui in the kitchen' proudly
presenting his nettle bread.  He has become a nettle
addict - and an expert at making soup and vegan

Making nettle soup ....

Nettle soup with a sprig of parsley from the garden

Petit aperatif to wash down the
nettle soup ...
Proudly posing with his vegan nettle tart ..

Making raw vegan biscuits ....

Ui sieving earth that has been soaked
in the Bath to be used to make a finishing
earth render
Now an expert with the concrete mixer ...
Using old bits of wire to make staples
to fix bamboo to the curved walls before
rendering with earth ...
Screwing lengths of wood onto uprights
to act as guides for earth rendering the
walls ...
Applying the earth render to the terre paille
insulated wall ...

Treading earth and hay to make

In the Garden
Uprooting nettles in the round garden ... the
shoots are used to make soup and the
stems used as a mulch in the garden ...

Raking the cut grass which is then
put on the vegetable beds as
Removing tape and staples from cardboard collected
from a local furniture shop - to be used in three layers
as the base for a sheet mulch in the forest garden and
potager ...

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