Thursday, 23 April 2015

April foraging expedition in Bath UK

Today was a foraging day on the edge of Bath, UK with a couple of friends.  We found nettles, wild garlic, garlic mustard, dandelion leaves and flowers, daisy leaves, plantain and bramble shoots.  Some images from our expedition;
Jo and Yvonne harvesting wild food on the canal
path in Bath
Jo gathering wild garlic leaves
and flowers for making pesto, soup
and adding to salads
We found garlic mustard.  The leaves
can be eaten in salads, made into a
pesto or cooked like spinach.

I found comfrey plants on the edge of a field

Close up of comfrey leaves.  They can be coated
in a batter and deep fried

Bramble shoots can be soaked in boiling water
and drunk as a refreshing tea

Dandelion flowers are sweet and crunchy when
 eaten raw or they can be breaded and deep fried or made
 into dandelion wine



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