Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Inspirational Projects - Jardin de Zoe

Zoe lives in Avranches, not far from here and has a permaculture garden with edible flowers, salads, fruit and vegetables as well as chickens, pigs and a pony.  I first met her around 6 years ago when I did some weeks of woofing at her place.

I recently did a day's gardening at her place in exchange for some of her more interesting plants and cuttings - daylilies (edible flowers), some fruit bushes, a fig tree, oca bulbs ....

Some images of Zoe's garden:

Zoe with her house in the background

The entrance to the garden

A guild of plants (fruit tree surrounded by fruit bushes
and perennial edibles

The forest garden
The fenced chicken run
The garden is planted with herbs, edible flowers,
shrubs and trees with various uses
A sculptural wooden bed amongst
the plants as well as slates describing
the plants and their properties
Zoe catches up with an ex wooffer

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