Sunday, 19 April 2015

Inspirational project - Cherry Wood UK

While visiting friends in Bath, UK this week I dropped in to see how Tim Gatfield's project is progressing ... he has been here around 10 years now, living in a yurt complex in a woodland just outside Bath.  He runs green woodwork courses and takes on apprentices to manage his woodland and learn bodging skills.  I was impressed to see that since my last visit a few years ago, he has constructed a cob roundhouse and is in the process of building another straw bale roundhouse ... all with the assistance of a host of willing volunteers ... some images from my visit:


One of the yurts where Tim lives with his family
Solar power for the yurt complex

The chicken and duck home

Part of the forest garden
A row of shaving horses for the
green woodwork courses
One of the dry toilet cabins
One of the log cabins
Volunteers working on the cob roundhouse
Two volunteers working on the cob
fireplace inside the roundhouse
A current project: to be a straw bale round house
made with wood from the forest
Part of the woodland has been planted with hazel
which is coppiced every seven years.  Volunteers
sort the branches according to size
Volunteers on their well earned lunch break

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