Thursday, 16 April 2015

Recycling - some woodwork projects

Thanks to the workshop created by off grid John and help ex John Golle flast year and my assortment of woodwork tools, I have been able to do a number of woodwork projects using wood found in the barns here as well as wood that was in the house - there is a lot of chestnut ... and in particular plenty of barrel top planks:

Three cold frames constructed with wood and bits
and pieces found on the land here

Off grid John came round to fell
an old pear tree that was half dead

John rigs up a tripod and rope to
try to lift the trunk which we
are going to transform into
a spiral staircase for the house

I use a drawknife to take off the bark

I have lined the bath with old chestnut planks that
were partitions in the house - lots of work to clean off
the old glue and paper with an angle grinder!!

I am using old barrel top wood to make units for
the bathroom

I cut the planks to length, biscuited and glued them
together with clamps to hold them

The start of the sink unit in the bathroom
showing the barrel top planks

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