Thursday, 16 April 2015

Inspirational project - La Maison Autonome

Before buying La Mariais I visited Patrick Baronnet's project 'La Maison Autonome' between Rennes and Nantes.  Patrick is a charismatic and highly energetic individual who has over a period of 20 years or so created an ecological site with an emphasis on promoting ecological living and autonomy - he is particularly keen to promote the idea that it is possible to build an ecological house yourself for a lot less than 'a traditional house' .... he has built a 'Maison Autonome' as an example of a passive house built with natural materials and harnessing sun and wind power .... he has also constructed a 'zome' where he hosts conferences and talks and more recently a 'Maison yurt' - a straw bale round house with the help of volunteers.

To read more about his project/association the website:

During my second visit, I helped with a conference for those interested in creating eco-projects or 'oases en tout lieux' - an association inspired by the writer/poet/agriculturalist Pierre Rhabbi.  Existing projects include a couple who have created ecological gardens where they host people with mental health challenges, a community living in ker terre constructions in Brittany (earth and lime round houses) and a couple who run organic growing and healthy eating courses.  Visitors helped work on the straw bale round house project.  Some images from the conference day:

Chantier participatif: making earth renders

Chantier participatif:  Sieving earth in preparation
for making earth renders
Chantier participatif:  Applying the 'gobetis' - the
first coat of earth renders on a straw bale wall
Patrick Baronnet addressing a group about his
approach to ecology and autonomy

Pierre Rhabbi addressing an audience about the
association 'Oases en tout lieux'
Group participants explaining their eco-project ideas

Participants pooling ideas for eco-community projects
A stall of an existing 'Oases en tout lieux' - they run
courses on organic growing and healthy cooking

A workshop on different types
of  DIY rocket stoves for cooking and

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