Tuesday, 7 April 2015

The forest garden

I have made a start on the forest garden - the first step being to clear the brambles which have taken over .... plant a range of fruit trees and fruit bushes and then slowly plant up between with perennials.

I have a number of books on forest gardening - including those written by Robert Hart ... but the best one to date is 'Creating a Forest Garden' by Martin Crawford - it has chapters on the theory and practice of forest gardening and includes a comprehensive list of plants and trees with photographs and details of conditions needed ....

The idea of forest gardening is to create a permanent edibe forest with the seven layers of a natural forest ....

Some images of the fledgling forest garden here ...

A 'bas tige' (dwarf) plum tree

The brambles have been cut down and apple,
pear, plum and hazels planted.  I will
probably use black plastic between the trees
and bushes to stop the brambles growing back
unless I have lots of help to dig them up!!

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