Monday, 25 January 2016

Some winter produce

I was sad to see the extensive nasturtium crop wiped out one cold November with the first frost.  However there's lots of edible stuff still in the garden here - for winter consumption:

Heritage turnips and the leeks have done really well
in the rich soil here without needing any extra
help this year from me ...............

Wild sorrel - this is growing everywhere on the land here

The fennel plants have started to
re-grow at the base - the leaves are
great in salads and for making tea.

Cultivated rocket has self seeded itself around the
garden after an initial sowing earlier this year -
it has survived the winter well.  Great in salads
and pesto .....................

Rocket flowers in January!! Great
in salads.

Great cabbages dotted around the land.  This is a
Biaugerme heritage variety.

The leeks have done amazingly well on an area
 of rich soil.

'Mache' in French.  Hasn't been that vigorous.  Leaves
used in salads.

Chervil (cerfeuil) - a lovely addition to salads with
its slight aniseed flavour.

Another view of the turnips

Baby lettuces that survived the frost with the help
of a little mulch around them.

The romanesco cauliflower heads were a little small
but then they had no extra help from me.

Chard is very happy here.  It self seeds
itself freely and provides winter
leaves .......

Lots of broccoli.  You can eat
the leaves of the plants as well.

Radishes that I sowed earlier in the year have
continued to self seed everywhere.

Brussell Sprouts

Marigold flowers in winter!!

Cresson alénoise - very hardy and deliciously

A great broccoli head in the round garden.

The potatoes harvested earlier in the year are still
doing well.
The heritage Hokaido green
pumpkins are still going strong.  They
are out in my old camper van which
acts as fridge in the winter.  They make
a lovely dense soup, roast and mashed
vegetables ....

Still eating the yacon roots harvested in November.
I just grew a couple of plants but next year hope
to grow a significant crop.  They can be eaten
raw or cooked.

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  1. wow Liza - such an enourmous array of delicious looking winter veg!!! I'm mega impressed :)