Monday, 20 June 2016

Volunteers Adam and Celine

Adam, a young graphic designer from the UK stayed for a few days in early June, followed by Celine, a French girl - both wanting to connect with nature and learn more about autonomy and ecology.


Helping Kevin with the terrace project in front of
the house - the idea is to use the large number of
flat stones lying around the land and other found
materials ...

Helping me to move some of the edible wild plants
in front of the house to the forest garden ....

Planting potatoes in the forest garden
in the spaces between the trees
and fruit bushes ... a way of
using the space before putting
in permanent edible groundcover and
other perennials next year.



A trip to Off-Grid-John's ... planting
potatoes in his plot in return for all
the help he has given me ...

Examining John's rainwater catching system ...

Following one of our recipes with
produce from the land.

Making radish leaf pesto ....

Enjoying a walk around Mont
Saint Michel .....

Celine working with another volunteer - stripping
radish leaves for supper ....

Thank you Celine for your help in the garden, for your company and good humour.  Good luck with your plans for a humanitarian future.  à la prochaine.

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