Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Work continues in the house and on the land

Brigitta, a carpenter and vegan cook, stayed for three weeks in June.  She continued work on constructing the kitchen and made fabulous vegetarian dishes with produce from the garden.
Starting work on one of the kitchen cabinets
using pallet wood and timber found on the
land here .....
Here standing under the structure for
hanging kitchen implements that she
helped to make using pallet wood ...

Helping to fill holes in the sub layer of the earth floor.
The finishing layer will be done in a month or so after
these areas have dried .....

Woofer Elodie and Laura working
on the earth floor ...

Elodie creating in the kitchen ...

Elodie and Laura preparing vegetables from the
land ....
Woofer Lila in the round garden in front of the
greenhouse ....
Lila helped me to weed and tidy the greenhouse.


Preparing the earth for rendering ...
we filtered it into the bathtub and then
mixed it with water to soak 24 hours
before mixing it with sand and flour glue
for rendering a wall in the house. 
Preparing the wall for the earth render ...

Shelling peas and broad beans from the garden.


Some creative cooking.

Making nasturtium leaf pesto - using
the first nasturtium leaves of the season.

Shovelling sand from the trailer - to be used
for earth rendering and the earth floor in the house.

Harvesting onions in the round garden.

Yeah ... first harvested onion this year!!


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