Saturday, 13 August 2016

Gardening, ecoconstruction and cooking .... June and July

Garden Makeover
Workaway volunteer Clara helping me to plant
Yacon in the forest garden.  It is an unusual
root vegetable with a taste between cucumber
and apple ........
Clara and I went to collect bamboo
canes from a friend's woodland - they
are always useful in the garden for
building trellises and tipis for
climbing plants.

Workaway volunteer Corinne transforming the round
garden.  Here digging up potatoes ....
Steve and Clara bottling up the nettle tea - to be
used to feed plants in the garden ...

Some garden produce ...
Workaway volunteer, Sandis - from
Latvia, preparing the earth for rendering
in the house ....

Sandis wets the wall before applying
the earth render.
Preparing the concrete mixer ...

Clara makes the flour glue that we add to the earth
render mix to make it more sticky ...
The concrete mixer team ...
Rendering the wall - the idea of this middle layer
is to straighten the wall as much as possible before
applying the finishing render.
Making pallet structures
Corinne and I went on a pallet finding mission with a friend's trailer.  It is getting harder and harder to find companies willing to give them away and there are more and more businesses springing up that will buy up and repair old pallets .... nevertheless we were able to find enough for our needs ...
Steve and Corinne start dismantling the pallets ... not
always easy .....

Starting to measure up ...
The pallet compost system almost
finished .....
Et voila!!
Corinne cut some comfrey down
to the ground - to be used as a
compost activator.  It can be cut
several times a year and quickly grows
back.  It is a wonderful mineral
accumulator ... its roots bring up
minerals deep in the soil.
 Cooking with produce from the land

An accomplishedc flexitarian cook,
Corinne spent many hours preparing
delicious meals from garden produce.

A group creative cooking session in the newly
transformed pallet and recycled wood kitchen.

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