Thursday, 19 June 2014

Dry toilet makeover (amelioration toilet sèche)

Spent a week working on the dry toilet in a barrel.  I felt it was time to make the toilet experience a little more comfortable and dare I say 'girly'.  The roof was reconstructed with bent hazel sticks cut from the land and recuperated plastic. I used bamboo to cover imperfections in the barrel and door and spent some agonising hours constructing a wooden cabinet to house the plastic bucket and fitted a maroon toilet seat.  Even Kevin, a regular visitor, has taken to using it having previously cycled to the flush toilet in town when in need.
J'ai passé une semaine en travaillant sur la toilet sèche pour que l'experience pourrait etre un peu plus satisfaisant.  Une nouvelle toiture en noisettier et plastic; du bambou un peu partout et un meuble en bois pour le seau plastique.
My nephew, Timmy expressing his approval
My two nephews, Timmy and Huwy showing solidarity for the new look toilet
I smile in my new look toilet in a barrel
The dry toilet last year

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