Friday, 8 September 2017

Gardening in August

The garden has really come on this year ....

Miha from Slovenia came to experience
a vegan lifestyle with 'free thinkers'.  He
 has been questioning for some time
the way we treat farmed animals - he,
more than most, should know as he
grew up on a farm that reared cows
for meat consumption ... he is looking
for other solutions and is drawn to
permaculture and the vegan lifestyle
and principles.
Harvesting the Cherokee Trail
of tears ancient variety
climbing beans ...
Weeding and mulching in the round garden with
Workaway volunteer Zoe, a plant scientist
from Australia.
Zoe harvesting potatoes.
Alessandra, a dietician from Italy,
scything part of the forest garden
for mulch material.
Helena, a Steiner school graduate
from Germany, using the hand propelled
cutting machine that we found in one
of the barns here to make mulch
from the nettles and ferns for the


She put the chopped plant material around some
newly planted seedlings.  The mulch will stop
weeds germinating, will keep moisture in the soil
and provide 'food' for the plants.

Helena inspecting the compost
bins ... we've got some mature
compost to use in the garden now
thanks to Andrea's hard work
earlier in the year.

Helena the bear foot mulcher ..
Watering the raised beds ...

A profusion of Peacock butterfiles
on the sedum flowers.  They lay
their eggs on nettles - of which
we have many!!
And an as yet unidentified species ...
The yoga lawn grass is coming on nicely ..

The herb spiral in the foreground
and ancient variety bean tipi
in front of the house ....

A cacophony of edible plants in front of the house.
Smiling in the garden.
Alessandra harvesting berries
for breakfast ...
Amy sorting through harvested apples from the

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