Friday, 8 September 2017

Il Soo - our first visitor from Asia

So, as requested - a post all of his own .... in recognition that Il Soo is our first visitor from Asia  He was educated in Singapore and  the US and has a degree in Chinese literature and came here to learn a little about rural living, permaculture and vegan cuisine.  Congratulations on adapting so well to a lifestyle that must be pretty alien for someone who has always lived in big cities.

Pallet Furniture Making - a shoe rack

Sifting through pallets that we have
acquired for free for appropriate
wood ....

I taught him how to use some woodwork machines
and tools .... we spent some time researching and
designing ... and he was off!!

Et voila!! A week or so later ...
a well needed shoe and boot
rack ...

He wanted to try it for size??

 Creative Vegan Cuisine

After initially craving meat, he came to appreciate the fresh produce from the garden and after starting to read Peter Singer's book 'Animal Liberation' has started to question meat eating. 

Kevin demonstrating the art of flat bread making ...
Rolling the dough ...
Demonstrating sushi making ...
Explaining to volunteer, Miha,
how to roll the nori sheets ...
Listening to the sushi roll??
A shared meal in the garden ...

Il Soo at Leisure

Setting off to Mont Saint Michel
on bikes with the other volunteers.

Before painting the earth wall with a lime paint -
a message of some sort in water ....


 Thank you Il Soo for your enthusiasm, good humour and willingness to try new things.  Good luck with your future ... and your search for a simpler and more nature based way of life.

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