Friday, 8 September 2017

July with Tejal and Marguerite

Tejal and Marguerite stayed for a few weeks in July.  Tejal is studying philosophy in the UK and is  president of the University vegan society .  Marguerite studies food systems in the USA and is a yoga fitness enthusiast.   We worked in the garden and spent many hours discussing the vegan issue and the problems related to food waste and animal agriculture and how they contribute to pollution and global warming.... it was a pleasure to meet two such well informed, passionate and committed vegans ... it seems to me that veganism is the only sane and humane way forward ...

Tejal starting to work on an artistic
trellis in the round garden.  She
used willow branches cut from the
land and weaved them around bamboo
uprights collected from a friend's
forest ...

Carla joins Tejal ...
Marguerite adding to the compost
with garden waste ...
Thanks for all your help .... and the interesting debates .... see you again one day I hope!!

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