Wednesday, 10 July 2013

A visit from 'Formabois'

Shortly after I had contacted the association 'Arpe' (that promotes ecoconstruction in Basse Normandy) to let them know that I was undertaking an ecological renovation, I had a phonecall from a college teacher asking if he could bring a group of students to work with me on the house for a couple of days.  The association are called 'Formabois'.  The students worked to replace a wooden panel at the front of house and learned to prepare a torchis mixture of earth and hay and to apply it to the framework that they had built:

Above:  Two students observe as their teacher levers the beam into place.
Above:  Fitting an upright into a mortice.

Above: The shaving horse I made in the UK serves for shaping the pegs to hold the beams in place.

Above:  The students apply the torchis mixture to the wooden panel they had constructed the day before.

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